Monday, 26 October 2009

SKETCH#5 - Oct 29th 2009 -

"Sketch" is an evening of live sketching and art making and offers the local arts community a place to congregate, talk, create and be seen, with the request for artists to simply drop in, register and start creating.

The registration fee is AED 40 and all basic materials needed for the event will be provided. NEW price structure for art – all prices now restricted between AED10 – AED150

The final work(s) will be put up for sale on the walls of The JamJar as and when the artist has completed their piece – and the artists are encouraged to produce as many pieces as they wish throughout the evening. The end result being that the art is instantly made more accessible to attending customers and by individually pricing each piece, making them independently affordable and attainable.

This event offers patrons and art lovers an opportunity to see local artists at work and get acquainted with them on a personal and interactive level – as well as it being an ideal way for artists and designers to meet each other in a social environment and be inspired by each others creative process.

All art created at the event is for sale and will be displayed until the event closes.

Fn looks forward to seeing as many art lovers as possible in attendance at the ‘Sketch’ event, to support the idea and the artists alike. This art-social event promises to be the next big art-driven event in Dubai.

SKETCH#4 - Sept 24th 2009 -