Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thank you

A very big thank you to all who attended SKETCH and our anniversary thanks to Elise for the wonderful tunes.

More photos of the event here

Saturday, 3 April 2010

FN Designs 1st anniversary & SKETCH#8

With the eminent reaction to SKETCH -the highly awaited event- that takes place at thejamjar, we are pleased to announce that the next sketch event is FN Designs one year anniversary, and to celebrate this day, we've gone ahead and made SKETCH#8 a free for all draw and swap event. Patrons are welcome to come down to the jamjar and join us in our celebration. All art created will be on display and the artist are free to swap their work created on that day to each other.

There will be no registration fee required for the anniversary.

Earlier this year FN Designs launched its clothing line and apparel brand "EIGHT," and was commissioned to designs a shirt for the opening of Burj-Khalifa that was responded with in high demand by the UAE public.

This past year was a pretty good one and we're glad to say that we've made our small dent in the local art scene, give it sometime and we'll for sure break through and cement our position in the scene. We hope to see you all at the next "SKETCH" and future events. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming project "Amor."