Sunday, 31 May 2009

SKETCH - May 28th 2009 -

So after a quick month of planing and deliberation , the first "Sketch" event was held at the jamjar, and it was quite an impressive turn out, considering the fact that most of our PR was done in less than a week and majority of it was done only through facebook. We had over 40 artists turn up , working on different mediums , chruning out works one after the other by the hour. An over all of about 15 pieces were sold that night , and the energy present amongst the artists was one to cherish and witness in person.

The feedback we've gotten from the patrons were of a positive note, and hopefully the next "Sketch" night to be held on 18th june 2009 , will end up being a riot of new works and more sales and a lot more turn out.

All in all , the night was a pretty good one and we're glad to say that we've made our small dent in the local art scene, give it sometime and we'll for sure break through and cement our position in the scene. We hope to see you all at the next "Sketch" .

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